Welcome to KNWN! One of the greatest desires we as the human race have is to be known. To be fully and deeply known and in being known, accepted and loved. When we are not known, we work very hard at packaging ourselves to be known for something. A reputation, a profile glowing with the details of a beautiful life that shows we are worthy to be pursued and known. This is a counterfeit, a mask, and it’s empty. Being known and a reputation are worlds apart, yet so many of us spend so much time creating an image that actually keeps us from being known

Only one person can love us in a way that saves us. All other attempts, no matter how good they look, will fail and fall short. God created us to be in fellowship with Him, we were created to need him. When we are known by God, everything changes.

It can be a difficult thing to remember who we are. There is no shortage of messages telling us who we should be, who we are not and how to be more like someone else. As followers of Jesus, we are to be a people who serve others, and who love and give freely. But that is so often not the case.

This purpose of this website is to encourage and remind. Here you and I share our stories via writing, videos, and photos. You and me. We ought to be reminding each other who we are. By being transparent and honest together we can spur each other on to do good. Good in our families, our jobs and our communities. I look forward to meeting you! Want to get in touch, submit a story and share with us what it means to be KNWN, please reach out!

The author of this blog, Shane, enjoys Theology, Psychology, Philosophy, Travel, hanging out with his wife and kids and writing.